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How Did You Compile These Statistics? How Accurate Are They?

We run large internet sites and portals in the internet and own large member databases. We used one of these databases to compile name statistics in This database we used has first, middle and last names of 702,203 American residents. All of these residents are college graduates and they live and work in USA even though a small number of who might not necessarily be USA citizens. We coded a special computer program to compile first and middle names of these 702,203 people and after a long, exacting work, we built a first name database of 74738 names you see in

Considering all of our database profile has university degree and with an age average of 30 years, the statistics our site produces should be regarded accordingly. In other words a first name which is quite popular in newly born infants today, might have a lower popularity rank in our site due to our database's age average. Since we produced these statistics in a closed group, they should not be regarded as official or precise. The number we produce are just estimates which derive from our database according to "Inferential statistics" method in Science of Statistics. Considering our experimental group is quite large, we don't expect them be implausible but they are not formal results either.

Why Can NOT Your Site Find My Name? Can You Add It?

We are not a traditional baby names site which try to involve every possible first name including very rare ones. Instead we are a database compiled from actual people names and if our site can not find our name, this means that we didn't have any records with your name out of 702,203 people names we have. We don't add new names to our database but there is no need for that because even if we can't find your name, we can still poke it according to its nonexistence in our database.

While compiling our database we also omitted names that are shorter than 3 letters so if your name consists of 2 letters, you will not be able to poke it in our site, we are sorry about it.

Why did Male Names Dominate Your Top10 List?

Apparently there are 2 reasons for this:
a) All of the people in our database are college graduates and number of male college graduates in USA are slightly more than number of female college graduates which gave a slim boost to male name rankings.
b) Americans are more conservative in naming male babies and they prefer more traditional names while female baby names spread in a larger scale and richer in variety.

We compiled these stats with a computer algorithm and we didn't interfere it by hand. This is the result our computer program produced and we are serving it as it is.

Why Did You Build This Site?

We built and run web sites, it is our job. Most of our sites are more formal and professionally designed and we wanted to make a change and have a "fun site" too. So we built some serious database results from our other sites, mold them with science of mathematics and statistics and then served them here in an amusing and interesting way. So this site is a fun site to enjoy, that's it. We tried to built the statistics in a serious manner but site itself is not formal or serious at all so don't take it too seriously, nor quote in your doctorate dissertation or something! :)

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