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Advertisement Options and Statistics

You can put your advertisement in 3 fun sites altogether!, and

Advertisement slots exists in the same locations of all of these 3 sites and when you purchase a slot, your advertisement appears in all these 3 sites at once. Here are some statistics for these sites (statistics provided is combination of 3 sites and numbers are monthly)

Number of Pages Your Advertisement will appear : (roughly) 134567
Average Number of Unique Visitors : 200000
Average Number of USA+UK Visitors: 101500 (51%)
Average Number of Page Impression (=advertisement display) : 350000

(Statistics are compiled by google analytics, we can send them to you if you need)

Location and Pricing

Location and Pricing

125x125 Square Banner : 39 USD/month
300x60 Rectangle Banner : 49 USD/month
300x200 Rectangle Banner : 59 USD/month
195x595 Vertical Banner : 69 USD/month

General Terms & Conditions

  • Advertisement locations are inside content pages of, and
  • Advertisement slots do NOT rotate, so when you purchase a slot, it is all yours and displays only your ads.
  • Payment should be done via paypal, monthly subscription method.
  • Advertisement time starts 24 hours after payment is sent and ends 24 hours after paypal subscription is cancelled. Advertisement will be automatically renewed every month by paypal until you cancel it in your account. Your advertisement will be on until you have cancelled your subscription. (If you consider a cancellation, please do it just one day before subscription time is due so as to use your advertisement time fully).
  • We reserve our right to refuse any advertisement with our sole discrete. Please send your advertisement details to us first and get approval before purchasing any slots. Advertisements for adult, gambling, hacking, warez, hate speech, illegal, proxy sites are not accepted.
  • Advertisement locations can contain text, jpg, gif, and animated gif formats. (Consult with us for flash advertisements).
  • Advertisement links will include rel=nofollow tag.
  • Advertisements code can't include javascript, iframe, popup, popunder and sound. (Advertised site can though)

Buy a Slot? More Questions

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